About Us

Welcome! My name is Rachel and I'm the mama behind the crochet hook.

I'm also the mama to my beautiful baby girl, Leah. We are located in Kelowna in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. When I was pregnant with her, I decided I wanted to hand make something for her as a way to feel closer to the little one I had in my belly. I also wanted to create something that she could keep for years to come and maybe even, one day, pass down to her baby. I used to make loom knitted toques in high school, which I learned to do from my grandpa. I thought I would give crochet a try. After a few tutorials, I got to work on a blanket. Crochet quickly became a go-to hobby for me and I started making stuffed animals for my niece and nephews. The more I made, the more I loved the process. Our family members urged me to think about turning my little hobby into a business and LMN Love Creations came to be.

The meaning behind the name LMN Love Creations is simply my daughter's initials and the enormous amount of love I put into everything that I make. When I create a product for you, I truly put so much love and hopeful wishes into it that you and your littles will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it's making.

Thank you for making this hobby of mine into a dream come true.